Little Flower



I want you to know

Your tiny heart is perfect

And we hear you in our daydreams

Through the winds

And in ourselves.


You are in our place of love

Even if your hands and feet

Aren’t seen and touched

The way we want;

The way we wanted.


Now the gentle wings of angels

Fold around you.

They carry you

With tenderness and care.


The days here are not simple;

The way they turn with

Magic and then sadness

And I don’t have a reason

For the pain,


But I do know love can lift us

When our safe world is undone,

When spirit flickers dim,

When nothing’s fair.


We call them now;

The daffodils, the willow leaves, lush grass.

The robin songs and rising suns

What healing we can find;

So that our spirits sing with you

And fly with your sweet grace.


© Angela Bigler 2014



photo credit: antonychammond via photopin cc