Great Mother Love

Her songs are earth deep mantras calling names of constellations into being.

Her light soaked in, released the magic pine and herbs.

All those folded flowers lifted up their sacred prayers – water, light, dirt, love.

Her gifts – who could forget them?

Did you see her gentle curves?

The way her spine supports her children?

It’s impossible to live without her heaven/earth transcendence.

Aren’t we all turning, turning with the planet that she raised?


©Abigler 2015

photo credit: 172/365 I Want to See the World via photopin (license)



I rattled all the chains

in the old kingdom.

Thinking I was wind

or dirt, or rain.


A ghost

pressed in

the miles thick earth.


A whisper stoked

by worms

or armored friends.


The bark fed climb

and I’ll be rising.

Find me calling

fresh, reborn



© Angela Bigler 2013


photo credit: Anita363 via photopin cc