How many lessons can you learn from one dog?

One complicated dog  –

Patience is the one that comes to mind and of course

Gigantic love;

The art of the breath

And I can do this –

Big determination


I’m laughing at your funny looks

The wiggling

You greeting with entirety

The strangers who are friends

And those already enslaved by your cuteness

Happy singing tail

Short legs

The sad, wise eyes.


Then at home –

The nervous tears

Your stubbornness

The insistent crying, “Give me what I want!”

“You are driving me crazy!” I yell

We look at each other, the stare-off

And then I smile and surrender –

Call upon the patience

And love again –

The long, velvet ears

The kisses and licks

Short, soft fur

Long nose


Now you are all spirit

I follow your path

Low to the ground

Big determination

Love gigantic

Wagging body

Full of heart


©Abigler 2015

adorable brody (2)